I'm using Ghost 2.0 for this new venture. Most of my professional work is done in WordPress, but Ghost has basically locked Gutenberg and Medium into a room together long enough for them to have a child editor that I really like it.

For those of you just getting started here, I'm Cody Ogden. I've been crafting software since I was ten years old, and my passion for building great experiences and solving problems with technology continues to grow today. It all started with a JavaScript program to help me cheat on math homework--fifth grade math is tough!

Anyway, about this new blog... I'll be writing about web development, user experience, user interface, design, and publishing some posts that may eventually be turned into talks. I've done enough planning/thinking/preparing now I just need to follow through with executing.

This Blog

This blog uses a modified version of Horace by Just Good Themes running on Ghost 2.0 hosted on Digital Ocean.