It’s that time of year where we look back at the past 365 days’ happenings. I’ve had a pretty stellar year professionally and accomplished a few personal goals along the way. I've changed jobs, done more traveling than ever before, and am building a community of my own making. Here's some highlights.

New Job & Working Remotely

I started 2019 working in a leadership/management/tech role at Brandography. Working in the office has its positives and negatives, but it had always been a long-term goal of mine to work from home. I was blessed with the opportunity to join my fully-remote team at Cannabiz Media in May, and it has been quite an adjustment. Still a little unsure of myself, but we've spent the past few weeks hashing out our plans for next year and it's given me a better idea of my place and potentially where I want to grow in our company. I'm pretty pumped to be kickstarting next year with the opportunity to work on some really fascinating business and technology projects that impact our product experience. It definitely feels like the role and work I'm excited to be doing.

There were also some non-professional challenges with working remotely. I had to setup a dedicated workspace in my apartment, and I learned quickly that I had to get out of the house at least once a week to just switch up my environment. Sometimes it’s a coworking space, but more often it is a coffee shop. The positives have far outweighed the negatives now that I’m six months into it, and the next six months will be spent figuring out how to stave off cabin fever during winter.


I’ve taken a few trips this year. Most recently, my team gathered in Denver for a few days to meet and plan our roadmap for 2020. Before that, I took a couple trips home to Indiana, the latter being to help pack up my childhood home so that my mother can move closer to her family in Virginia.

Now that I'm feeling much more comfortable working remotely, I’m looking forward to the coming year to have some flexibility to travel a little while working. I'm hoping to take a 'workcation' where I might be able to take a short break from the Minnesota winter. Warmth and sunshine sounds peachy in the dead of late February.

Killed by Google

Last but not least...

Killed by Google has received an incredible response to the point of behind overwhelming at times. After blowing up on Reddit and being featured some tech-focused press, having my work seen (and mostly praised) has been both nerve-racking and humbling. I’m continually astounded by the responses to this project and how it has built a small but mighty following on Twitter.

I’m looking forward to continued work on this project and growing its audience, including a bit of a refresh scheduled for after the new year. I’m continually challenged with learning new skills about maintaining a project on GitHub, working to create editorial guidelines for its content, and looking to formalize what I need to help to find a co-maintainer early next year. I’m optimistic about this project’s future to continue recording product moves by Google.

What's up for 2020?

I'm still formulating goals for next year, but I'm positive one of those goals will be getting into a better habit of writing (with a goal of potentially being published in an industry blog like CSS Tricks).

I'm also really excited to learn more about design (both in- and outside of work). I'm hoping to build skill and focus in the experience areas, and I'm excited to build better skills so I can apply them in all areas that I work.

So, the new year will certainly bring some exciting opportunities for me, and I expect 2020 to be another stellar year.